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Gabriel Collignon

chief technology officer

Paris, France

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Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Gabriel Collignon
Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Gabriel Collignon

Compétences (20)

Gabriel en quelques mots

Gab is a systems engineer & entrepreneur with years of experience in building web products, operating as a freelance CTO.

He worked for the aerospace industry in Germany, and pursued its starve for culture and entrepreneurship, by co-founding and crashing an AI powered social recommendation app that allows anyone to find the next film to watch.

He then lead the platform team as a CTO for an international hardware VC, before coming back to freelance missions helping startups and corporates designing, implementing and maintaining quality products and teams.

Gab keeps deep ties in the startup ecosystem, and is passionate about people, science, innovation and progress.


avril 2012 - avril 2013 | Paris, France

Edition de logiciels

Tite Live

Database Engineer

Tite Live is the European leader of book store management software and services. Tite Live achieves statistical media sales estimation and prediction in real time.

During this mission, Gab was in charge of migrating the several hundred GB of sales data form Oracle to MySQL, including stored procedures used to make the real-time estimations.

Several improvements to the system were brought in the process, leading to the reduction from hours to minutes of overall computation time.

Skills involved: DB Design, SQL, Oracle, MySQL, DB design, bash, sysadmin, DB testing
janvier 2014 - mars 2016 | Paris, France

High tech

Bucket Movie

CTO & Founder

BucketMovie is an AI powered social recommendation app that allows you to find the next film to watch. Its unique algorithm based on graph DB and ML techologies matches one's taste perfectly, avoiding common clustering effects usually seen in traditional collaborative filtering models.
As a founder, Gab developped the company, created and maintained the app with the team, focusing on the data model, recommendation, and backend.
Skills involved: Database design, graph technologies (Neo4j), Machine Learning, Data Science, NodeJS, Elastic Search
février 2016 - septembre 2018 | Paris, France

Banque & assurances

Hardware Club


Hardware Club is a community-based venture firm dedicated to full-stack companies.

Hardware Club run a fund that invests in early-stage full-stack companies building hard technologies and gather the best hardware companies worldwide in an exclusive community of 450+ hardware companies across 35+ countries.

Gab joined Hardware Club as a CTO. In strong relationship with the founders and the investment team, Gab lead the design, implementation, operation of the Hardware Club platform at scale, bringing thousands of partners (distributors, retailers, manufacturers, corporates and investors) and hardware startups together. This included managing a 5 people product team, managing all information systems and achieving all compliance duties (RGPD, AMF).

During his mission at Hardware Club, Gab also brought his technical expertise to the assesment of new startups as well as for due diligences, and represented Hardware Club at several public and private events, including IFA in Berlin and CES in Las Vegas.

Skills involved: Management, Finance, Compliance, Platform Design, UX, CI, DevOps, testing, Symfony4, Angular2+
janvier 2019 - mars 2019 | Paris, France

Mode & cosmétiques


Product development

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