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Estelle Recuero

product manager

Paris, France

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My professional experiences led me to work in various environments and sectors, from digital acquisition to e-commerce, but always with a strong focus on conversion and engagement . I have spent most of my time within technical and IT teams, ending up understanding them quite well ;)

Passionate about product management and stunning user experiences, I regularly attend product meetups, read the latest PM/UX books and articles , and always enjoy talking with product-minded professionals.


août 2018 - juillet 2019 | Paris, France


Sport Heroes Group

First Product manager

As 1st product manager, I defined and delivered with the designers and developpers the most valuable features and experiences for our sportive communities and clients in close collaboration with the business units (B2C and B2B) and our users.
We crafted websites and apps thanks to a unique platform product called Olympus, built as a SaaS platform and based on a design system. We handled 3 public platforms Running / Cycling / Swimming Heroes, 2 white label platforms Air France running & Skoda cycling, and 1 B2B platform United Heroes.

Few achievements: delivered within my first month of arrival the 1st version of the United Heroes app on the app stores including new features (API connexion to Apple Health).
Released the first Olympus-based website.

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