Eman Hassan

business & corporate strategy consultant - english

Paris, France

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Eman en quelques mots

I am an English-speaking business and corporate strategy consultant, I help companies reach their professional goals by using attentive analysis, innovation methods and deep industry expertise.

I give recommendations on how to effectively operate and compete in your industry and how to create a competitive position for your company.

I help companies innovate!

➡️1: Innovate products and services: “Creating products and services that customers will be willing to pay for”
**How can I help?
I can help you in creating a value proposition that is based on the design thinking approach and one of the top known business strategies out there, which Is the blue ocean strategy, that is going to help you create new market, additional demand, achieve rapid growth, and create a leap in value for the company and its customers, at a low cost and most importantly: Make the competition irrelevant!

➡️2: Create a different customer experience:
**How can I help?
I can help you in creating an offer/ adjust your current offer, that is not only different from other offers in the market, but also removes the greatest blocks that prevent non-customers to be your customers!

➡️3: Reinvent your business model:
**How can I help?
I can help you create a business model that is based on the analysis of customer’s current and expected experience while using their product/service, their value proposition, which is the price that should be chosen by the company to attract the mass of buyers and retain them, how can it attain its cost structure to a level that allows it to sell its products/services at the chosen strategic price and still make healthy profits.

➡️4: Overcome the limited resources challenge:
**How can I help?
I can help you consider other approaches to execute your strategy with few or limited resources, to achieve the strategic shifts you aim for with more or less the overall resources/money you currently have, without any additional investments.


janvier 2018 - janvier 2019 | Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Centres de recherche

Wonderflow BV

Consumer Feedback Analyst

Responsibilities :

- Improve the quality consumer's reports by translating customers vocabulary into corporate language. - Execute analysis on consumer reports.
- Manage and run quality assessment process on NLP analysis results.
janvier 2019 - Aujourd'hui | Paris, France

Conseil & audit

Pro Profit Zone

Business and Corporate Strategy Consultant

Responsibilities :

-Analyse and give recommendations regarding market products and functionality.

-Expanding knowledge and awareness by monitoring.

- Helping clients in innovating their business model and create an innovative offer.

-Meeting with clients to formulate and execute against their success plans and to overcome industry challenges.

-Proprietary research and preparing valuation analysis to support decision making.

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