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Edouard Goddin

certified change management practitioner

Brussels, Belgium

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Edouard en quelques mots

I am a young and talented Change Management Practitioner with experiences in Lean, PMO and Organization Design Transformations.

I started practicing T-Group when I was 21. In 2009, I realized my Master Thesis on a United-Nations Inter-Agencies Change Program. From 2010 to 2013, I worked as “Navigator” for the McKinsey Lean Program in AXA Belgium. In 2014, I designed and deployed my first Change Strategy for the GSK Belgium Operations PMO Program. And in 2015, I facilitated a Bottom-Up Change Process to redesign the organization of a Belgian Civilian Movement.

I have a real talent at applying the Prosci Change Management Process to projects. I concentrate on Group Readiness and Sponsorship Support to define my Change Strategies. When needed, I develop special tactics inspired from Organization Development to engage critical groups. To boost their adoption, I build on Whole System Transformation to start changes at the Top, engage Critical Mass in collaborative design and produce Paradigm Shift.

With this Strategy in hand, I scale my Master Change Plan. I design the Communication to deliver key messages to target audiences at the right pace. I prepare Primary Sponsor to be active and visible throughout the change. I support managers and supervisors to lead employees through change. I anticipate and prepare resistance management with appropriate tactics. And I assess the needs and define requirements to deliver Training Plan.

I have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to move your organization through change, ensure adoption and met your objectives.


février 2015 - octobre 2015 | Brussels, Belgium

Tout Autre Chose

Change Facilitator

I facilitated the Organizational Design of the Civilian Movement. I planned and coordinated a Participative Process to diagnose Dissatisfaction and develop a Shared Vision. I engaged and foster participation of Citizens and Unions (CSC and FGTB).

I initiated a paradigm shift towards Decentralization and Inclusion. I launched a survey to identify requirements, built a design team to set the direction and prepared leaders to own the change. I achieved public acclamation in General Assembly.
janvier 2014 - décembre 2014 | Wavre, Belgium


Change Manager

I designed the Change Strategy for Belgium Operations PMO Transformation. I assessed Change Characteristics and Organizational Attributes to mitigate Risks. I ensured Practices land well and make sense from a business perspective.

I scaled the Roll-Out Plan to the impacted groups (Operations, Programs and Executives). I prepared the Change Team (PMOs). I drove Comm., Training and Resistance Mgmt and I supported my Executive Sponsor (VP PMO BeOps) to manage stakeholders.

I transformed the way Leaders in Operations and National Board dialogue, prioritize and agree on Portfolio and put Executives in the driving seat to increase Organizational Readiness, address the needs of the system and take the lead on Portfolio Mgmt.
novembre 2010 - octobre 2013 | Brussels, Belgium


Lean Navigator

I facilitated the Lean McKinsey Waves in Claims, Production and Support. I worked in team with 5 to 7 internal consultants and dedicated staff. I diagnosed and designed People, Performance and Processes s and deployed Lean Management.

I coached 15 Managers and Sectors Heads. I delivered 20+ Process Efficiency Waterfalls to reduce operating costs and lead times. I developed Dashboards & Capman to boost customer satisfaction and I built Compelling Stories to increase employee morale.
août 2008 - février 2009 | Vientiane, Lao PDR

United Nations

Program Officer

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