Djibril Kaba

data scientist

Paris, France

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With a PhD in data analysis, I have a successful track record of leading projects involving in the development, analysis and prediction of complex data (financial, medical images and life-logging data) using statistical algorithms, machine learning and probabilistic models that describe data. As a data scientist, I have worked on a variety of projects including four EU funded projects that involve data mining, decision support design and data analytics. I have worked for an Insurtech start-up studio founded by AXA to build a ‘smart insurance adviser’, which aims to redefine the way people access insurance policies. I also worked as quantitative research scientist, developing computer-driven trading strategies.
In addition to my professional experience, I have published 10 articles in modelling and predicting patterns in data including best paper award. I also received ‘The Best Doctoral Research Award’ from Brunel University in 2015 for outstanding achievement in research.

Computer Skills
Languages: Python, C/C++, Matlab,
Libraries for data mining and natural language processing: Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-image 
Libraries for machine learning: Scikit-learn, XGBoost , NLTK, Tensorflow, Theano
Libraries for plotting and visualizations: Matplotlib, Seaborn


juin 2007 - septembre 2009 | Woking, Royaume-Uni

High tech

Electro – Aid


• Electro – Aid was a charity founded by two other friends and myself. The aim was to collect, refurbish and deliver computers to schools in Africa to help pupils develop computer skills;
• I conducted market research for procurement of computers;
• I established relations with local businesses, Universities and freight services for procurement and shipping of computers to schools in Africa;
• I also worked with other charitable organisations (Humanity first) for the development of their water programme in East Africa;
• Provided programme and cost management for 135 water installations across the region;
• Opened 16 local offices, trained and hired local staff;
• Established relations with local, regional and national governments;
• Implemented a supply chain network Informed stakeholders in connection with service delivery;
Liaised with local and national non-governmental organisation and supplied clean water to over 150,000 people.
  • Project Management
mai 2008 - juin 2010 | Londres, Royaume-Uni

Banque & assurances

Mead Investments

Quantitative Research Scientist Assistant

• My role involved the development of trading strategies, from complex financial datasets and model creation;
• Researched and implemented strategies within the firm’s automated trading framework;
• Applied advanced statistical methods, quantitative algorithms and market intuition to large datasets to identify trading opportunities;
• Assisted in the development of the in-house library using C++;
• Development of model validation framework and testing framework;
• Development of models for pricing financial derivatives;
• Liaised with Front Office quants, traders, risk and valuation control groups and provided guidance on the trading models.
juin 2010 - août 2011 | Londres, Royaume-Uni

High tech


Co-founder and Project Manager

• My role involved gathering and analysing clients’ requirements, preparing and estimating budgets of the projects;
• I also initiated and monitored the projects work throughout the projects lifecycle;
• Produced business and technical requirement documents and timely updated documents for all the stakeholders;
• Developed and maintained business and technical documents for various components;
• Identified, monitored and reported risks in the projects;
• Worked with small and medium size companies to identify new project opportunity;
• Represent the company in project negotiations.
septembre 2011 - mai 2015 | Londres, Royaume-Uni

Education & e-learning

Brunel University

Higher Education Teaching Assistant

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