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Chris Feijoo

freelance javascript software developer

Montpellier, France

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Github : kube kube
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Stack Overflow : kube kube
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Chris en quelques mots

I'm a Freelance Software Developer, specialized in Prototyping & Development of web/mobile/desktop JavaScript Applications.

I do both Front-end & Back-end, using:

- TypeScript to write robust statically-typed code
- React as UI library
- NodeJS for backend
- GraphQL for API communication
- Electron to write desktop applications
- Sketch/Framer X for prototyping

Architecture matters to me: I try to keep things clean and simple.
With this in mind I take time creating modules and boilerplates to simplify and accelerate development of new projects.

Graphic Design is also something I care about.
I've been working by the past on multiple graphic design projects, like logo, serigraphy or webdesign.

More details on:


septembre 2018 - août 2019 | Montpellier, France



Software Engineer

Development of new Document Explorer Panel, which centralizes upload and view of all kind of documents in a single view.

Setup TypeScript, Build Process Improvements.
décembre 2018 - février 2019 | Paris, France

Ressources humaines


Software Engineer

Automation of Timesheets Upload and Extraction for Billing and Payments.

Automation of CV Parsing Data Extraction, for matching workers with companies.

Setup Unit/E2E Testing environment, and various refactorings.
avril 2019 - août 2019 | Paris, France

High tech


Software Engineer

Worked in U2 Team, in charge of transversal projects (Authentication, Backoffice, Public API, Integrations).

Worked on new Public API: Authentication, Quota Limiter, Throttling (Concurrent Calls and Rate Limiter).

Worked on Login Application, allowing internal and external services to connect using Contentsquare account.

Decentralization of authentication using JWKS.
août 2017 - février 2018 | Montpellier, France


Software Engineer

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