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front-end developer react.js | typescript

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Chemeseddine.

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Montpellier, France
Effectue ses missions majoritairement à distance


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Chemeseddine en quelques mots

I am a front-end developper since 3 years, I worked on the UI of B2C web applications like interactive maps and chatbots, in a startup environnement. I also joined big companies where I have contributed to create and maintain SASS applications with new technologies like React.js and Vue.js.

I enjoyed creating a documented library of components with React.js and Styleguidist, covering modules with E2E tests by using, and resolving a specific need from the UX point of view by adding new features to the apps.

I'm attached to have a good communication within my team and to feel concerned by the product. That's why I really appreciate to share my ideas and what I'm working on with my partners on a daily basis.

I mainly worked with front-end technologies like React.js, Vue.js, Typescript, Javascript,, Jest, Webpack, SCSS, PostCSS, and I also have acquaintance with some back-end technologies mostly in Python like Django and Flask. I will be glad to try out new languages/libraries/frameworks both in front-end or back-end side as I enjoy solving real world problems as much as technicals problems.


Digit RE group


Front-end developer

Région de Montpellier, France

décembre 2019 - mai 2020

DigitRe group is a real estate IT cluster. When I was hired, the company wanted to build a new app from scratch for the real estate advisers, and remove the legacy one.


Architecture & urbanisme

Front-end developer

Région de Paris, France

septembre 2019 - décembre 2019

Buildrz software, when fed with urban planning rules, display a list of profitables lands, and a 3D view allows the modelling of buildings on these lands. My mission was to improve the user interface/experience, and to strengthen codebase.


Edition de logiciels

Front-end developer

Paris, Ile-de-France, France

octobre 2018 - juillet 2019

NSFW, spam and moderation were the key points of my mission for Adevinta, the company which lead online marketplaces like Leboncoin. The two long tasks that I have undertaken here, were the creation of a library of components (React Styleguidist, Github pages, Jest), and the creation of end to end and integration tests (, Testing Library) for the module used to moderate conversations in online marketplaces.

Coyote - - COYOTE -


Front-end developer

Suresnes, France

avril 2018 - septembre 2018

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