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Ben Houidi Mouez

software engineer / .net / full stack

Peut se déplacer à Paris

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Ben Houidi.

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Paris, France
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Ben Houidi en quelques mots

Passionate about the software industry and the competitive programming competitions, I am an engineer having 4 years of experience in the software development and the data analysis fields.
I have been working on multiples subjects such as private banking, expenses management, social data analytics and supply chain management.
Proficient especially in Back end development, I am a fast learner, team player with good communication skills. I have a passion for problem solving and
delivering high quality code in time is always the goal.


Davidson consulting - Davidson Consulting

Agence & SSII

Consultant / Full Stack Developer

Paris, Île-de-France, France

septembre 2020 - Aujourd'hui (1 an et 2 mois)


Software Engineer

avril 2018 - septembre 2020 (2 ans et 5 mois)

I joined Expensya as a Software Engineer and was part of the API team. My main responsibilities include:  The design, implementation and maintenance of web services (mainly RESTful APIs). • Programming languages: C# / SQL /Python. • Environments and frameworks: Visual studio / .NET Framework / ASP.NET / WCF / SQL Server.  The optimization of SQL queries. • Programming languages: SQL. • Environments and frameworks: SQL Server / Azure.  The design and implementation of an OCR which aims to retrieve data from images. • Programming languages: C# / Python. • Environments and frameworks: Visual Studio / Jupyter Notebook / .NET Framework / .NET Core / SQL Server.  Design and implementation of desktop applications (internal tools) • Programming languages: C# / XAML. • Environments and frameworks: Visual Studio / WPF / WCF / Angular JS. I participated also in the development of:  Our Web platform (Front end). • Programming languages: TypeScript / HTML / CSS. • Environments and frameworks: Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code / Angular JS / JQuery / Bootstrap.  Our mobile application. • Programming languages: C#. • Environments and frameworks: Visual Studio / Xamarin. I contribute to the planning and the follow-up of the sprint (Poker / Technical specifications / Follow-up of the progress of the features to be developed, etc.)


Software Engineer / Data Analyst

septembre 2016 - mars 2018 (1 an et 6 mois)

I have contributed to many projects during my experience with Quantum as a Data Analytics consultant or a Software Engineer. Among those : - I have led a project on social influencers detection and analysis. The aim of this project was to meet the clients' needs with the influencers to following certain criteria (such as the language used by the influencer, his most discussed topics, the level of engagement of his followers, etc.). In this context, I contributed to the design and implementation of data pipelines that allow us to collect data about the influencers using the APIs of the social platforms and Web scraping. - I was in change of the design of the BI platforms needed by our clients. - I contributed to the development of chatbots that aims essentially to automate the marketing campaigns of the clients, along with the web platform that allow us to analyze the usage of those bots. - I contributed also to the design and development of a cross-platform mobile application.

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