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Beleña Joel

pentester | web and android security analyst | 42

Paris, France

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Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Beleña Joel

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Beleña en quelques mots

I am actually studying at 42 Paris with the objective of getting a deep learning in new technologies and programming languages that will reinforce my cibersecurity profile.

The passion that I have for the security and hacking makes from learning and working a great experience.
After working in a private company, give talks and some workshops, I want to start working on my own, helping other professionals and companies to satisfy their needs.
I am looking for projects related with:
- Web security.
- Android security.
- Ethical Hacking in external and internal audit to companies and start-ups.
- Develop specific tools, scripts and programs, for web and data scraping or security solutions.


juin 2018 - octobre 2019 | Madrid, Espagne

Conseil & audit


Security Analyst | Pentester

Performing security audits and penetration tests for big clients belonging to different areas like insurance business, health, law firms or consulting.

And other tasks like:
- Identify and exploit vulnerabiities in web applications
- Developing tools and malware for HUMSEC operations (social engineering, phishing campaigns or USB spreading)
- WiFi audits
- Vulnerabilities assesment
- Writing reports in Spanish and English
décembre 2016 - juillet 2017 | Madrid, Espagne

Centres de recherche


Malware Analyst

During this internship I learnt to reverse malware samples using tools like OllyDbg, x32dbg, x64dbg and perform dynamic analysis, based on the network activity and other events created by the malware.
With this analysis, a report was also written with all the characteristics of the malware, as well as all the intelligence gathered from it.
mars 2016 - juillet 2016 | Madrid, Espagne



Backend Developer - Django

Programming backend tools to automatize processes for Django (Python).
The working flow was based in a self-organization, updating in a platform the progress of your dutties and having a weekly meeting to report the situation of the tasks and know the new objectives.
juin 2014 - juillet 2017 | Madrid, Espagne

Education & e-learning

Jóvenes inventores

Programming Teacher

Recommandations externes



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