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Bastien Velitchkine

🤖growth hacker x automation engineer | startups

Peut se déplacer à Paris

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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Bastien.

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Paris, France
Peut travailler dans vos locaux Ă 
  • Paris et 10km autour


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Bastien en quelques mots

Even though I'm a bit of a tech-savvy and can do various things, Malt said I shouldn't describe myself as a swiss knife. Fair enough, let's dive in 🔎


◼ To get you fresh new leads 👇
- I'm proficient with tools like PhantomBuster, Dropcontact, Postman, ...
- I can build custom apps to scrape and enrich data (Python, Selenium, Google Apps Script).

→ An example of what I did at on github at /bastien-payfit/linkedin-employee-scraper

◼ To empower your sales teams 👇

→ At PayFit, I developed a Looker x PhantomBuster x Google Apps Script x Salesforce x Slack automation to spot users who had left a client company and find whether the new company they worked at was already our client or not. If not, a "signal" was sent in Salesforce and Slack to ping SDRs:

đź“Ł "Company Y just hired John Doe who used to work for company X, our client. Reach out to him: Company Y might be our next customer!"


My work as a sourcer for was two folds.

â—Ľ I used my skills in LeadGen (cf. above) to find potential recruits - from automations on Linkedin to cold emailing campaigns.
â—Ľ I interviewed 300 candidates, processed thousands, managed the ATS, designed case studies and interacted with recruitment agencies.

👉 I contributed to the hiring of 6+ high-level members of Reveal's workforce.


I'm a last year student at CentraleSupélec majoring in Data Science. I've worked on several data science and machine learning projects with Python throughout my studies.

👉 Unsurprisingly, I'm accustomed to libraries like: scikit-learn, pandas, pyplot, ...


I built simple web apps for POC purposes. I used Flask, Express.js, MongoDB or SQLite, React.js and Docker.

👉 I'll be your man if you need an MVP or a small REST-API!


I can build complex business reports in Looker (Google's BI tool).


PayFit - Payfit

High tech

Growth Intern

Paris, France

février 2021 - août 2021 (5 mois)

- Lead Generation for Sales in Germany, England, Spain, France and Italy
- Built an all-in tool for data enrichment in Google Apps Script that became a massive time saver
- Various automations to empower sales teams
- Data visualization in Looker


High tech

Operations Intern

Paris, France

août 2020 - janvier 2021 (5 mois)

- Lead Generation, Growth Hacking and Automation
- Recruitment (from automated sourcing to qualification calls and case studies)
- Administration (accountant, subsidies, hiring abroad, ...)
- Finance to model the growth and expenses of the company
Phantombuster Growth hacking Génération de leads Hubspot Recrutement Python automation Cold Emailing


Education & e-learning

Math Teaching Assistant

Gif-sur-Yvette, France

septembre 2019 - janvier 2020 (4 mois)

- Teaching Assistant for first year students at CentraleSupélec ;
- Groups of 3 teaching assistants for 12 students ;
- Big improvements on my pedagogy and communication of complex ideas.

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