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Ari Bajo

python data engineer & nlp data scientist

Paris, France

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Github : arimbr arimbr
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Ari en quelques mots

Through various projects I have gained hands-on experience on the Python stack for Web Development, Data Engineering and Data Science. I have built scrapers, mined unstructured data, modeled data in relational and NoSQL databases, engineered ETLs and data pipelines, applied machine learning algorithms and developed APIs. Furthermore, I have built interactive visualizations and data products together with JavaScript. I am currently exploring Deep Learning tecniques for NLP.


octobre 2017 - novembre 2019 | Paris, France

Education & e-learning


Head of Data (Freelance Remote)

mai 2017 - octobre 2017 | Paris, France
avril 2016 - novembre 2016 | Paris, France

Edition de logiciels

Toucan Toco

Lead Python Data Engineer (CDI)

Responsible for the evolution of the Flask API and Pandas ETL codebase to guarantee the success of BI projects. Developed data connectors, pipelines, optimizations and features such as settings, operations and notifications managers in Python. Applied Lean, Kanban, TDD, PP and CI in a team of 6 developers. Responsible for Backend backlog together with Product Owner. Collaborated with Client Success and external partners.
septembre 2015 - février 2016 | Paris, France

Edition de logiciels


Data Engineer & Data Scientist (Intern)

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