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Andreea Tudose

it infrastructure project manager

Paris, France

  • 48.8414
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Recherche des missions à Paris
Recherche des missions en ITIL, Gestion de projet technique, Anglais, Management d'équipe

Andreea en quelques mots

With a rich international IT experience, dealing with complex systems and demanding customers, in real-time and high-secured environments, I acquired strong IT infrastructure knowledge and technical leading skills.
After being part of the Alstom Romanian unit launch, creating and leading the data modeling team, I embraced an internal consultant role at GE Paris (former Alstom Grid), sharing my experience worldwide with our customers. Extending my consulting role a step further, in 2017 I started my IT freelance career, seeking new challenges and bringing my experience to solve clients’ problems.
Working with professionals in different locations on the globe not only greatly enriched my experience, professionally and culturally, but also helped me build skills that are essential in today’s business.
With the wish to continue developing these skills, I am now interested in missions that permit me to use my experience and my drive for quality in IT projects as IT project manager/director or IT infrastructure manager, always focused on client and service delivery.

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