Anas M.

senior javascript developer

Paris, France

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Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Anas M.

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Anas en quelques mots

I'm specialized in Javascript and I love to architecture, code and build beautiful products. I graduated from EPITECH Paris in 2015 and since then, i've worked on different web and mobile projects with different technologies. Since 2017, I'm also a part-time Javascript teacher at Simplon.

Framework And Tools
- Vue.js
- React
- AngularJS
- Node/Express
- Firebase
- MongoDB, SQL
- Webpack, Gulp, Grunt
- Sass/Less
- Git

You can have more information on my website


novembre 2018 - Aujourd'hui

Edition de logiciels

Youz Tech

Freelance Javascript Developer

septembre 2015 - mai 2018 | Dubaï, Émirats arabes unis


Aswat Telecom

Front End Developer

Aswat is a contact center based in the Middle East, operated by a multicultural team, offering an efficient and reliable contact center since 2010, which already convinced numerous local key players and international brands. In 2016, Aswat introduced a redesigned version of its successful solution with Ziwo, a fully cloud based contact center software. Hosted in world class data centers around the world, each Ziwo instance provides a flexible solution to boost the performance of customer services, sales team and more. Packing powerful API functions, Ziwo is highly customizable, can be used in conjunction with any CRM or in-house system and provides the simplest way to hire agents worldwide and assume total control over contact centers operation through a unified interface.

At Aswat, I was in charge of the Front End part of Ziwo. I used multiple tools such as:
- Angular 1.5, ES6 and WebRTC to develop Ziwo
- Vue.js for internal sides projects
- Protractor, Chai and Karma to write automated tests
- Git, Webpack, Gulp, Npm/Yarn
- Jira, Jenkins
août 2018 - octobre 2018 | Paris, France



Front End Developer | Core Team

septembre 2014 - août 2015



Fullstack Javascript Developer

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