Alena Julinkova

hr consultant & coach; insights practicioner

Paris, France

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Alena en quelques mots

Do you need to glue a new team together?
Would you like to develop & retain your best talents before they leave you for a competition?
Or maybe you see it's finally time to take it to the next step of your own career, but you're not sure what that could be?

With 8 years of steep corporate career fast track including HR leadership roles, having worked in several countries around the world, and yet not being shy to admit that I'm much younger than the vast majority of my corporate peers, I'm no 'dinosaur' HR.

My priority is creating value for my clients, using common sense and focusing on pragmatic actions. I challenge with respect and open mind.

Get in touch to check what it is you really need and how we could work together for you to get that.

Let's have a talk when you're ready.


septembre 2007 - Aujourd'hui


Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent

HR leader, coach
  • Coaching
  • career development
  • talent management
  • team effectiveness
  • leadership development

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