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Proposer un projet La mission ne démarrera que si vous acceptez le devis de Abdelouahed.

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Paris, France
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Abdelouahed en quelques mots

Hi I'm Abdelouahed Ben Mhamed an Operations Research engineer from the National Institute Of Statistics and Applied Economics in Morocco. I have over 6 years of Data Analytics and Statistical experience. I work with clients on the development and use of Statistical Models, Data Mining techniques and Machine Learning algorithms to solve complex business questions. One of my main goals is to help clients understand, organize and refine their data so they can extract and detect meaningful insights and patterns. My areas of expertise include Optimization, Marketing Mix Modeling, Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis, Survey Analysis, Bayesian Modeling and Regression.




Consultant en Modélisation

Madrid, Espagne

mars 2016 - mai 2016

Power analysis and cost-benefit analysis for the ICCAT-GBYP aerial survey on Bluefin tuna
spawning aggregations


Conseil & audit

Data Scientist

Charlottesville, États-Unis d'Amérique

janvier 2016 - Aujourd'hui

Conduct Marketing Mix Modelling and quantifying the impact of several economic inputs on
the sales of big companies in USA (TCS, Eyemart, McDonalds, Wendys), Achieving less than
5% error in the forecasted sales.
Conduct Marketing Mix Optimization to allocate spend across the different media channels,
achieving more than 12% in sales each year.
Utilize Python and R to develop the predictive and optimization models.
Analysis of price elasticity based on promotional variables.
Analysis of pricing tactics and promotional strategies.




Casablanca, Morocco

janvier 2013 - janvier 2019

Develop population dynamics models and adapt existent ones to the case of Moroccan
Identify sustainable management strategies to achieve the objectives of the governmental
management plans, achieving more 30% increase of the total allowable catch in the Octopus
Exploiting the powerful mathematical, Statistical and programming skills to provide
scientific advice for fisheries managers.
Contribute to capacity building in INRH by running courses on statistical methodologies and
programming using R.
Developed stock assessment tools (R packages, Web Shiny Apps), achieving a reduction of
the time spent by more than 60%.

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