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Abbas H.

it recruiter

13600 La Ciotat, France

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Rejoignez la communauté Malt pour découvrir le profil complet de Abbas H.

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Abbas en quelques mots

I'm Abbas Hassoun, an IT recruiter specialist, I have strong experiences and knowledges in different engineering domaines (development, security, cryptography, communication, networking, ...), and also I have strong experience in human resources especially in recrutement.

my experiences in engineering make my work in recrutement easier because i have gained strong experiences during my studies and my past work.

I have the ability to find strong candidates for the job, I can write and analyze easily the job description in order to target the right candidates.

I have strong connections with lot of enginners and managers arrounf the world, and I'm an active member in a lot of technical websites to share ideas each day.


janvier 2017 - Aujourd'hui | 13600 La Ciotat, France

Ressources humaines


IT Talent Recruiter

Work with hiring managers on recruiting planning meetings.
Create job descriptions.
Lead the creation of a recruiting and interviewing plan for each open position.
Efficiently and effectively fill open positions.
Sourcing STRONG technical profiles.
Develop a pool of qualified candidates in advance of need.
Research and recommend new sources for active and passive candidate recruiting.
Build networks to find qualified passive candidates.
Locate and document where to find ideal candidates.
Among other potential recruiting and hiring measurements, collect data on cost-per-hire, time to hire, the impact of a continuous improvement process on cost savings, and the improvement of work processes in the time taken or steps involved.
Attend career fairs for recruiting and company recognition.
Develop working relationships within colleges to aid in recruiting.
Use several job boards to source candidates.

  • IT
  • Engineer
  • Recrutement
  • Cyber Security
  • human
  • human resources
  • Excellent communication
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • MBA in Human Resources Management
  • Strong E
  • strong experience in IT

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