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In order to access Malt API to integrate your identity management system to our platform, you'll need an access token.

Important note: you must be an administrator of your company to proceed.

Generating a token

You may access the access token management screen via the "Access rights" entry of your company's menu:

At the bottom of the screen that appears, you'll find a section dedicated to the Malt API:

To create a new token, enter a name that makes sense to you (and optionally a more detailed note), and click on "Generate token". Your new token will then be displayed to you. Make sure to copy that token at that moment and store it safely, as it won't be displayed ever after!

Okta Configuration

In Okta, after generating the token, access the Malt application and complete the following steps.

  • In Settings, select Integration from the left hand menu and then check the Enable API Integration box
  • Fill the API Token field with the generated token. Click Test API Credentials button to check that everything went well.

You can now assign users to the Malt application and finish the application setup.